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Get your complete Wedding Film Business Education with Jonathan and Kaye.

We know what it's like

You want to elevate your business but you don't know where to start. Are you good enough? Can you make the sale?  You know you need to up your skills to hit the ground running, and we are here to help.

  • Stand out from your competition

    Most wedding videographers settle for less, with a mentality of “it is what it is” and those are the videographers that do not stand out from their competition. 

  • Editing is still confusing and difficult

    Does the concept of time shifting still confuse you or you feel like you just aren’t pulling it off well?

  • Marketing isn't working

    Do you spend a ton of money on ads and online marketing, but brides and planners still aren’t finding you?

  • You're stuck at the bottom of your pricing

    Are you stuck at booking your lowest package? (Did you know only booking your highest package is equally as bad?)

  • You feel like a third wheel at the wedding

    Are you showing up to a wedding day feeling like you are not wanted there?

  • Color Correcting is Impossible

    Do you have trouble matching the color of different cameras? Or trouble making your edits look more polished and professional?

Imagine a better business

What if you could finally get all of your films to look high end?  What if you finally became known in your local wedding industry?  What if you could finally charge what you feel like you're worth? 

Imagine making every wedding film consistently beautiful.  Imagine being known in your area with leads consistently coming in!  Imagine if you could make more money per wedding with a simple restructuring of your packages.  

Take your footage to the next level 

The next level

Let us help you break THROUGH the barriers and ACHIEVE the high-end business that you've always wanted to create.  We are a husband and wife team, who have elevated our brand through intentional steps and want to share our secrets with you in this exclusive 10-unit course for wedding videographers. 

  • How to build your packages

  • How to book more weddings

  • Client communication strategies

  • Edit for cinematic storytelling

$250.00/One time payment

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Get your Films NOTICED

Here's how this course is different from anything else:


This is a wedding videography course the brings strategic remedies to problems you may be facing from the business side to things, to the quality of your films.  We break everything from:
package structure and lead generation, to how to make every film you create look high quality, with good lighting and audio so that you can build a beautiful and consistent portfolio.

We will also teach you how to be good at selling yourself and

how to create a product you are proud of selling.

  • We understand your struggles

    Getting started isn't easy! Warp speed your business growth by learning everything now that took us 10 years to learn!

  • We love helping other business owners

    This is not just our profession, this is our passion.  We didn't get into education to make a quick buck, we got into it because we love it!

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We have nothing to hide!  We go over everything we know that made us successful and will help you in all aspects of your wedding videography business.

Results that pay

The sole reason you are interested in this course is because you want RESULTS.


By the time you finish the course you will have learned how to: 

  • Attract your ideal client
  • Charge what you are worth
  • Up-sell before & AFTER the wedding
  • Market in your area
  • Shoot and edit for story
  • Make each shot look high quality
  • Time shift, color grade, and edit with Kaye's cinematic hacks
  • Manage client expectations
  • Acquire professional sounding audio
  • Get better at your craft!

I just booked my first $5000 wedding yesterday which is a big milestone for me.  Almost a year ago when I attended your workshop I was charging $3200 for my top package and averaging just $2500 per wedding. The things I learned from you guys has really helped me accelerate my business!

Andrew Benton


Your package options and potential ways to up-sell are profound!

I’ve spent the last 6 months playing with our packages with no success. You are a package wizard!

Dylan Vires


You’ve changed my ways of thinking and potentially my life, sir. Haha. Thanks.

Dan Smotz


Since your advice on adjusting my pricing…I’ve booked 6 weddings all at the

middle and top prices [previously stuck at booking mostly my lowest package], and about to book another at the middle… Thanks again!

Scott Carroll


What's included in the course?

  • 12hrs of in-depth lessons

    Covering and business strategies and shooting strategies!


  • Story-building tips for your films

    How to build stories into your films and keep viewers engaged and wrapped in emotion. 

  • Real-time Editing observation

    Watch us edit an entire wedding film in real-time so you can get the most out of your footage

  • Exclusive Access

    Get exclusive access to our pro FB group and join our community of like-minded professional wedding filmers. 

  • Interactive pricing tool

    Helps you price your services with ease to make sure you deliver the most value for the right price.

  • Watch our raw footage

    Raw footage from real weddings, and see how we work with photographers and get "the shot"

  • Pricing List and Questionnaire

    Completely transparent pricing sheets that we still use for our packages and up-sells

Total Value: $1,200

The Investment

We share with you everything we have learned over the last 10 years that has made us successful in our wedding videography business.  We provide thorough explanations, business practices that work, and tips and tricks to fast track you to the top of your game. Today all of our high-value content is yours for a really special price.

Online Course

  • 12hrs of in-depth lessons

  • Story-building tips

  • Interactive pricing tool

  • BTS Footage

  • Real-time editing observation

  • Pricing list & questionnaire

  • Exclusive Access to our student community


One-time payment

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your money within 7 days of your purchase!  We believe in what we teach!

The Team

Jon and Kaye have been doing weddings together full time since 2013, learning from each other’s strengths (and weaknesses) along the way. The journey of learning how to be a professional wedding videographer can be a lonely one, and often it’s hard to know who to reach out to for help. We want to be there for those looking to better their knowledge and craft as well as those who just need a fresh jumpstart and inspiration to be the best they can be. All skill levels are welcome, and expect to learn what you can do in your business to elevate your brand, get the clients you want, and make more profits!

Kaye Snyder

Lead Videographer & Editor

Jonathan Snyder

Videographer & Business Expert




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Happy customers

Is this right for you?

This course is for you if you're business isn't growing, you unable to raise your prices, you're feeling stuck in your editing style, you're unsure how to tell a story through editing, you don’t know how to get more leads, or don’t know how to get beautiful footage at every wedding.

  • Feeling stuck

  • Unable to raise your prices

  • Trouble telling a story through your editing

  • Trouble getting leads

  • Hard time getting beautiful footage

Jonathan Snyder

Co-founder and Business Strategist

Why NOW is the time to act?

Don't let another day go by without taking action to improve your business! It is ALWAYS the right moment in your business journey to be thinking about how to get better. It is not something to wait for until you feel ready. It is never too soon or too late to take definitive action for your business and having this mindset will always enhance your experience with our course. To make this accessible to as many people as possible, for a limited time, the workshop is available for $250.  This is a small investment for how much you will be able to improve your films, raise your prices and book more weddings.

Total Value: $1,200

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I have been shooting weddings for years, will I learn anything from this?

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I am just starting out, is this too advanced for me?

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